Cordelion reaches out and hires the best people in the industry who are experts in their chosen profession.

At Cordelion, we hire people mostly from the healthcare industry as medical or healthcare practitioners as well as professionals with sales and marketing backgrounds. While technological competence is basic and important we believe that as a company a healthy and harmonious relationship within the organization working as a team is essential in the performance on ones duties, tasks and reponsibilities within the team. We believe this philosophy and work culture creates a fertile ground and environment for creative and cooperative interface among workers that will eventually set an atmosphere conducive to professional growth, satisfaction and development of the employees.   

 Job Postings


Positions                                                                                                                                 Status

Business Development Associate                                                                                           Open/On-going

Clinical Research Associate                                                                                                    Open/On-going

Regulatory Affairs Associate                                                                                                    Open/On-going